Seminar Ireland AUGUST 2011

Itosu-Ryu Karatedo Ireland held a seminar with Soke Sadaaki Sakagami in August 2011. This was a very interesting course with many countries taking part and our first with sensei , we took a very large contingent of high ranking adults and children to this seminar . With sensei Jumpi Suzuki in attendance ( member of Japan national team ) and Ayuma Oda from California also in attendance this quickly became a very demanding course with much work ahead for us all.
  Much was learned with Soke prodding ,pushing and generally driving as all forward to improve.The evenings gave us time to reflect and discuss events with other European countries.
    The grand party on the last evening of the seminar did not disappoint with a few hardy Scots donning their kilts and getting harrassed to see what was on or not under the kilts Soke taking great delight in wearing my sporran and  anything else he could get of me ( he nearly got my kilt off as well )
  All in all a good worthwile week-end much learnt many new friends and a good party all you can ask for
p/s Soke even got us all to promise to attend our International Championships in 2013 in Osaka  and a promise is a promise ( must have had to much to drink )
Charles Hunter 5th dan
Itosu-kai Scotland