China 2017

On the 17th August this year the small group from Itosu-Ryu Scotland competed at the IKIF World Championships in Shanghai China and combined it with sightseeing in Beijing ,Shanghai and Xian .from phone 006

In Beijing we went to see the Great Wall of China an amazing experience and although very tiring especially climbing all those stairs a wonder of the world made more fun with having a toboggan ride back down the  wall . Went to the coast for a break from the crowds only to find more crowds  but still a nice relaxing day even although we travelled through one amazing thunder storm to arrive at the beach and suddenly hot clear skies , sun bathing and swimming time .b grant pictures 004china 002china 014b grant pictures 466shanghai 044

At Shanghai the team settled into the hotel and for a couple of days some of us went to Xian , this being the original start of the famous silk road , but our main aim was to visit the The Terra-Cotta Army Museum and what an amazing experience so vast its hard to believe . At the museum met one of the farmers who had found the site when digging for water for his fields , got a picture with him after we bought his book obviously . CHINA 2017 002b grant pictures 006b grant pictures 157b grant pictures 176

Back in Shanghai now and preparing for the tournament and all the hustle and bustle of the tournament in full swing . The Scottish team not being used to competing at tournaments found the experience demanding although spreading the tournament over two days , kata on one day and kumite on the other did help . Team did well getting through a few rounds . Friendship party time and enjoyment in full swing until time to leave , well not until Disney world is visited and Shanghai is given a good once over .b grant pictures 080

Suddenly on the plane and the long journey home with plenty of memories and bargains from the endless shopping with Bridget showing the Chinese how to really barter amateurs compared to her .